Global Elephant March 2014: The Pokot Peace Team Perform


From Jacob Dadi:

When I watched the Pokot Peace Team perform some cool acrobatics at the Global March for Elephant and Rhino on 4th, I was struck by this thought: This pose shows how conservation should be working. We should work as a team knowing that we need and rely on each other in order to succeed in wildlife conservation, no one group can do conservation alone. It must involve the others to have it succeed.

The three people on the ground at the base represent the NGO’s, Government, and the Donors – they are the basis and are there to support, encourage and involve the communities. The two guys in the middle represent the community – the community that lives with and supports the wildlife. Then we have the elephant, rhino, and other wild animals above who are safe being that the community are taking care of them with the help at the base. This should be the way to go in conservation – let’s work together to support the community, and the community will take care of their wildlife! JACOB DADI

Amara Conservation: Featured Photo in the Daily Nation


On the 10th October Amara was in the biggest Kenyan newspaper, the Daily Nation. Here is a photo of the paper!

It says underneath: “Protesters march along Nairobi’s streets during the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos on 4 October, 2014. Similar marches, calling for an end to poaching and the ivory trade, took place in cities across the world”

The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos was Fantastic!


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Amara Conservation Joins the Global March

We are gearing up for the Nairobi Global Elephant March this Saturday! It will be a big day and we hope the worldwide marches and attention will help us all to do our job and SAVE THEM!!