Photo: Official from KWS, Amara Executive Director Lori Bergemann andthe Javungo group of elders meets Governor Eng. John Mruttu in his office.
The Taita Taveta County Government

Cases of Human Wildlife Conflict, Poaching and deforestation in the County are expected to be minimized significantly, as result of the ongoing creation of awareness and familiarization of the locals on the newly enacted law. There is a popular saying that,- “Information is power”, hence Amara Conservation and Javungo elders seem to understand this very well; thus dedicating their time to educate people on the importance of peacefully coexisting with Flora and Fauna.

Speaking in his office when he met the officials from the Kenya Wildlife Service, Executive Director of the Amara Conservation Madam Lori Bergemann and the Javungo group of Elders, H.E. the Governor, Eng John Mruttu, said it’s important for the people to be educated on the Wildlife Act 2013. According to Eng. Mruttu , this is an initiative in the right direction hence needs to be supported under all cost.

The Group lead by the Kenya Wildlife Service and Amara Conservancy, have been encouring the youth; to look for alternative methods of getting an income rather than being involved in illegal activities like Poaching.

In the same meeting, Chairman of the Javungo Council of Elders- Mr. Ronald Mwasi Shake outlined the importance of our county citizen being familiar with the Wildlife Act 2013. He said that the penalties are just too severe to befall one, just because of his or her ignorance.

The County Government in this financial year plans to conduct a Civic Education on the news Wildlife Act 2013. People who are mainly from the Civic Society have been trained on the same Act.

Meeting Today in Mwakitau


Today’s Meeting, Tamaduni Za Kiafrica Zaboresha Uhifadhi  in Mwakitau


Baraza (Big Village Meeting) in Mwakitau


We are having our 4th baraza ( big village meeting) today in Mwakitau. Talking about trees, wildlife, water, all natural resources and the old tribal ways In which these were preserved. As it is now – animals are being poached at alarming rates, people struggle to feed themselves, destroy trees too fast for charcoal which brings drought. Most struggle to have productive lives, KWS is over stretched to protect wildlife … If ppl can mix the wisdom of the Elders about conserving, the resources of KWS, the support to improve – and ALL WORK TOGETHER – things can and will change for the better! I can see myself how this area has become more impoverished over the last 8 years. Change must happen!



Big Life Foundation’s New Rapid Response Unit!


Big Life Foundation have just launched their new Rapid Response Unit working in the Amboseli ecosystem West of Tsavo. They are doing a fantastic job! Amara donated the very first vehicle to them years ago when they were the Maasailand Preservation Trust… A lot of progress has been made… (including photo image quality!) Big Congratulations to you Big Life!