The Many Faces of Amara

Rural community members in Kenya have limited access to environmental information, and this causes serious issues throughout the entire ecosystem. We help people:

  • Understand the elephant’s role as a keystone species in the environment. A keystone species is a species that has a disproportionately large effect on its environment and plays a key role in maintaining the balance of all other species in the community.
  • Realize there is not an endless supply of animals for bushmeat. They could be eating themselves out of a future.
  • Know that deforestation brings drought – trees attract rain, people sometimes think trees take away the precious water rather than hold it in the ecosystem.
  • Realize how much money tourism brings into Kenya’s economy and how that money actually benefits everyone. Without the existence of wildlife, the tourism will end.

The people we work with experience human-wildlife conflict, work hard to grow crops and keep livestock, where there is frequent and severe drought. Many of them engage in bushmeat poaching, overgrazing, illegal logging and charcoal production – which are permanently damaging to wildlife habitats and environment. Once people understand how their actions impact the environment, they are eager to change and protect their precious resources.

This is where Amara can help!

Education for Conservation

Amara’s goal is to provide education and help people understand the importance of the wildlife that surrounds them. We provide information about the ecosystem and how environmental factors are influenced by human activities. The additional information allows them to make personal decisions to work for positive change. With the knowledge they gain, fewer animals are poached for ivory, horns, and bushmeat, deforestation decreases, and the futures improve for the animals and people alike.

Amara is about helping people learn to see things in a new way. We don’t have all the answers, but we can pose questions, and through films from the African Environmental Film Foundation (AEFF), we can offer solutions that work for communities. With information, people can see the problems, and find solutions that work.

Amara also helps provide information on funding and other resources that can benefit them. The community members want to learn, strive to improve, and Amara works to make this possible.

These are a few letters from students that have attended our film shows. These children, and their letters, have made a profound impact on our hearts.

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