Family is strength for each of us. We all need each other whether close relative or close friend. One family cannot live alone without the other families. We all want to live in a place where there is security, unity, freedom of movement and peace. If insecurity arises in an area we will all want to move to a different place. Just as producers need wholesalers, wholesalers need retailers, retailers need consumers, and vice versa, the same synergy applies to animals.

Animals need their families for them to feel strong and happy. Wild animals want to live in a peaceful environment. When they feel insecure they will move to other areas where they feel safer. Animals have feelings just as we do. They need each other as we do. Giraffe need dikdiks, dikdiks need other antelope, antelopes need elephants etc. Multiple species association makes prey species help each other to protect themselves from predators.

Wild animals know their relatives and they know and respect other families. Small animals need big animals to help them open the thick bush. If one member of a family is killed then the whole family will be shaken and unstable. If a mother is killed, how will the calf survive? Some animals live in pairs e.g. dikdiks – if one is killed the other will die because of stress.

Amara is working hard to save the lives of these creatures through providing conservation education to communities living with wildlife close to protected areas. I’m sure no one wants to be in this world alone, we all need each other, this is the same for wild animals. Can you imagine living in a world where its just you and your close relatives? How would it be? We need other families to make our lives better. Africans need Americans, Americans need Asians and so on and so forth, planetwide.

This is why we are trying our best to ensure our wildlife are secure and they live in peaceful protected areas. We educate the entire community so they will not allow anyone from far or from within their areas to do any harm to our wildlife. Please work with us to ensure that these ideas spread far and wide!