We cannot brush aside problems that are linked to the environment, like internal conflicts, desertification, corruption and poverty. For a moment, we may assume that some of these issues do not concern us, but they do because we do not live in isolation. The international community must know that developed countries bear different responsibilities from those of the developing world, and they must understand that the development agendas of past ages might not have taken the health of the environment into consideration.

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Whether this was true or not, the concern at the present moment, when some face an existential threat and others face a smoking hot threat, demands that we put the question of differences aside and save the sinking ship. In recognition that we all hold the present and future fate of the world; actions or omissions have potentially grave consequences.

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Also we must recognize that the overall goal of environmental conservation on any level relies on what you and I do, on the way we behave. Environmental conservation is a relevant agenda both for the developing and developed worlds, not forgetting that the environment is a common, shared resource. After all, the external environment is just a reflection of the inner self.

If we want to save the environment and its species from extinction, we have to work across borders as their survival largely depends on habitats extending beyond national boundaries. With human populations growing – and corresponding increases in development, pollution, and consumption of natural resources – the need for international collaboration has never been greater.

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Through our conservation programs at Amara, we are doing just that: helping local people to value and protect the world’s most treasured wildlife and habitats