The field trips are great tools for learning that help deliver knowledge in an exciting manner. Educational field trips are exciting to learners and a great way to boost knowledge intake. They help learners to witness real live issues thus helping understand phenomena that would otherwise be difficult to explain.


Amara Conservation values the importance of field trips in conservation education and their impact on learning and motivation for learning. We organize field trips for community members and school pupils to the National Park and other places of interest. These trips provide a unique opportunity for participants to experience the splendor of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat and the beauty of nature. This approach reaches higher domains of learning and implants lifelong memories that cannot be experienced in the classroom setting.

The vast majority of the local community where we work are poor and cannot afford to visit the Park due to monetary constraints. Over 99% of the community do not own a vehicle while the cost of hiring a bus for a game drive is expensive far beyond their reach. In addition, there are no organized public shuttles or foot accessible parks.  Random surveys during our outreach program indicate that over 90% of school pupils and 95% of adults in the area have never visited any park.

Amara Conservation receives more appeals from community members and schools than we can handle to help them go to the park. It’s our dream to give an opportunity to every community member and school pupil to visit the Park, our ability is limited by resources. By providing an opportunity to participate in educational field trips we give them an opportunity experience a lifelong lasting memory and associate with nature. It’s an opportunity to nurture community positive attitude, understanding, appreciation and encourage community to cherish and participate in conservation, creating a generation that acts responsibly, values and cherishes conservation.

Amara Conservation invites you to be part of this project of supporting education field trip. Your support will greatly help appeal to the heart and mind of pupils to become conservationist by implanting a seed that will create understanding and passion to conserve since as Baba Dioum (1968) said “we conserve only what we love; we love what we understand; and we understand only what we are taught”.