Time does fly! When we look back at our journey with trees and with all you readers, it brings us immense joy that more & more tree-lovers are not only asking about indigenous trees but also trying to plant a few. We would like to thank all of them for their love and support!

Tree cover – less soil erosion

I, personally, am really sorry for not writing any post in the last few days. I was busy with fieldwork. Also, I just don’t want to repeat the similar facts/things, which are published in previous posts. Instead, I would like to have some reciprocation from you guys if you want to know anything more. May it be any native tree, types of animals found in Kenya or anything else related to conservation. Like, one of our readers asked me about ‘How bad is Plastic?’ There definitely will be a post in upcoming time, throwing some light on this very subject.

Over the years we have planted lots of native saplings together with many schools and also Purdue students from USA. How many trees have you planted? Let there be a few native trees dedicated to your loved ones. Because these trees silently teach us many important lessons. Have a heart like trees and learn how to be grateful to the ones who have helped you. What have you done in return for your environment?

Tree planting.

Trees love us selflessly; they grow, fight against adversities and dedicate their whole life serving us. But instead of expressing our gratitude, we cut them down insensibly.

Tree felling – for charcoal making.

They are one of the greatest resources of the Mother Earth and the most gracious & faithful company. They offer shelter, delicious foods and beautiful life, give us fresh strength by purifying air and teach us wise lessons to live a happy and motivated life. They serve humanity in every possible way only to return our single help of seeding them. Today, we have distinct sympathy with nature…we no more feel their pain when we tear their leaves, no more hear the scream when we chop them down, no more hear the part of their joy when it’s raining; which leads us to accomplish the most shameful acts such as deforestation and our own destruction.

Loss of trees leads to soil erosion.

If you love trees, show it and act likewise! Just remember this line by an unknown author… “We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say we love trees, yet we cut them down. And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved.”