This month, Amara welcomed John Carver to Kenya, visiting us in the field for the first time, he had an eventful and interesting trip around Kenya. John is an entrepreneur who has been involved in many successful for-profit and non-profit companies, and is on the Board of Directors of Amara USA. He has been a great supporter of our work.

Lori and John

t was great for John to see first hand the beneficial work Amara does in the field. To sit, see a room full of hundreds of children go from no hands raised when asked the question “do we benefit from elephants”, to a room full of students who understand the benefits of wildlife, simply through providing information, is very moving. We are honored to be a part of something so important to the communities in Tsavo.

An interactive session with the students
John visiting orphan elephants

Through education and information sharing, Amara is helping humans and elephants coexist and support each other, ultimately protecting their beautiful land. We strive to make communities understand the crucial role these species play in one of nature’s most important ecosystems; once moderate changes in lifestyles can have a powerful impact on the viability of the creatures they share their environment with. As communities become aware of how organized thugs are wrecking their very own future, as well as that of their children, the trend is reversed and the sustainable outcome is possible and reached.

John,Lori and Dan in Maasai Mara-Kenya