Litato Nangiyo was born in Aitong in 1983. He grew up in the rural Masai Mara area, and began working for Jonny Baxendale at the age of 18. He quickly learned English and all things to do with safari. He is a bronze level safari guide.

He has been working with Amara on a project basis since 2003. He loves and understands wildlife, and cares deeply about their protection. Being Maasai, he brings an extra element to our field work, as many of the areas where we work are in Maasai communities, and his knowledge of wildlife is superb.

Tatu is great with people and wildlife and loves what we do.

In his words: “I really like the way we are educating people to take care of wildlife. I know that people get benefits from wildlife, and want all the people in Kenya to understand this, and all the children to grow up taking care of wildlife.”