Our Projects

Amara evolves to meet the needs of the area. We are very flexible in working towards the ultimate goal of conservation. At different times, different issues, opportunities and challenges present themselves, and we pride ourselves on facing them head on. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to conservation, one needs to adapt to be the most effective. Whether it is environmental education, community empowerment, biodiversity protection, or a combination of all approaches, we give heart and soul to everything we do. Here are some of the milestone projects that we are proud to have brought to life.

Mobile Film Unit

Films are an important and powerful tool for appealing to people’s emotions as they reaching the highest domains of

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Mbulia Conservancy

Kenya’s rich wildlife is found both inside protected areas and outside on community land. These community lands are

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Tree planting

Trees are important in supporting livelihood as well in environmental regulation. Trees provide fuel, timber, food for

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Game Drives

The field trips are great tools for learning that help deliver knowledge in an exciting manner. Educational field trips are

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Illegal harvesting of bush meat is a major cause for decline of wildlife populations in Kenya. Bushmeat harvesting had for a

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