We at Amara Conservation believe that a big number of Kenyan children have never seen an elephant before or even the most common of wildlife species due to the associated costs of visiting National Parks in Kenya. For this reason, Amara, together with Purdue University students arranges free field trips into Tsavo East and West National Parks, while encouraging children to form Wildlife Clubs and embrace their wildlife and environment. We enroll the kids together with the school at wildlife clubs of Kenya; student’s cards can be renewed annually. Seeing wild animals in their own habitats helps the children to understand the vital heritage we have and gives them a strong understanding of the importance of protecting them.

Having Purdue University students visit every year-round is not only a blessing to us as Amara but also a privilege to students in larger Taita-Taveta County. Mariwenyi Primary was the school for this year’s trip.

Last year Purdue group of students had a chance to visit interact with Mrabenyi Secondary School, the group couldn’t help but notice the joy in their faces and eagerness to learn mingle with the university kids. They even performed a traditional Taita traditional song for them. It is a memory forever etched in the Purdue kids, and one they will treasure forever. US students donated the hoes, balls and watering cans to the school.

We believe that by exposing young school kids to wildlife, they will grow to respect and adore conservation in a positive approach in their lives. We welcome anyone on board as we make this once in a lifetime opportunity to these young generation, and as Amara would like to be able to give every single student in Kenya the opportunity to visit the parks, but it’s an expensive endeavor.