We all need our families for us to feel secure, strengthened, and confident. When we lose our family members, we feel sad and the family strength is shaken; some of us suffer depression and even die or become sick due to stress that has been caused by that loss.

Wild animals also need their families, they love to see and play with their families just as we do. That’s why you will find that bees, elephants, monkeys, giraffe, zebra, and many other animals whether small, medium or large, love to stay together with their loved ones. Everyone in a family is important because they play different roles in the family. Just as our body parts are important. Each part works differently but makes the body strong, satisfied and complete.

Animals really need their families. When poachers kill one family member of a certain group of animals, the whole group becomes worried, scared, confused and stressed. If the mother is killed, can you imagine how the calf survives? If old enough not to need mothers’ milk, they will live a distressful life because of losing their mother.

Some animals live in pairs e.g. dikdik. This means if one is killed the other will actually die because of stress. When one body part is sick the whole body is sick, this is exactly what happens to our wild animals when these poachers kill one. Poachers make our wild animals live a tense and worried life.

Amara is working hard to save the lives of these creatures through education. No one would love to be in this world alone, we all need each other, it is the same for wild animals, can you imagine living in a world where it’s just you without close relatives or friends?

How would it be? We need other families to make our life better and for biodiversity. Also, Giraffe needs dikdiks, dikdiks need elephants, zebras need buffalo etc., so by killing a certain family, it may destroy the whole cycle of interdependence in an ecosystem.

We are helping save these animal species by providing education to adults and to schoolkids. We are also just like one body part and we need the other parts of the body to be complete. That’s why we are very grateful to our Tsavo Keepers Society members and generous donors who are giving us the strength to do more in the conservation field. These people are very important not only to us at Amara but also to wildlife, because their support goes straight to save the animals. You enable Amara Conservation to speak on behalf of the animals. We say Thank You and welcome more members to join the TKS and support Amara so that we can all achieve our goal of saving what has been left for us and for future generations. For the body to be complete all parts need to be functioning and healthy. Don’t be left out there we welcome you to join our family and be part of these efforts, your strength is important and needed in conservation.


Support Amara; protect wildlife, save nature, save our heritage.