Amara works on the ground in Kenya with a team of dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable individuals that do the difficult and important work in the communities.

Our Partners & Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to all our funding partners and major donors

We could not continue the important work of conservation in Kenya without the ongoing support from all our donors. Every dollar helps and please know that all donations are spent in the most efficient manner with all funds supporting real change in Kenya.

A huge thank you to the following


The Annis Foundation

The Annis Foundation funded the legal costs of setting up Amara Conservation, LTD USA and liaised with attorneys in the UK to set up Amara Conservation (UK) Trust. They have also hosted Lori in their home during several fundraising visits to Michigan, and have been crucial supporters and friends.

Heidi Bergemann

Heidi has supported Amara in every way from its inception. She donates enormous amounts of time, energy, and money, and has provided our living and office space for the first 10 years. Without Heidi there would be no Amara.

Dr. Thomas Buhr

Dr. Buhr has become one of the critical major donors to help Amara grow, and to meet the challenges currently facing conservation in Kenya.

Ilaria Borletti

One of our core founder donors, Ms. Borletti gave a generous donation of 10,000 euros to Amara to help us in our early days.

Mary Campbell

Mary gave most generously to support the University of Michigan Ross Business School MBA students to come to Africa and work with Amara on bettering our business planning and outreach. We are very grateful to Mary for her contributions, and for getting us involved with Ross!

John and Patricia Carver

The Carvers have supported us over the years, and have joined us in a big way. John added his passion, insight and entrepreneurial expertise to help relaunch Amara with new momentum.

Jan Dillon

Jan Dillon Schaub has supported Amara from the start. She came to Kenya and worked with us on the ground and has a powerful understanding of what we do. She has donated generously, and was the major donor for the desnaring truck purchased for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

The Earle Restaurant

Dennis Webster, the owner of The Earle, has graciously hosted fundraising events for Amara for over 10 years, donating a great deal of time and resources to help us succeed. We are grateful for his generosity and of the entire staff of The Earle, especially Manager, Zoe Cowan and Wine Manager, Steve Goldberg.

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund supported us through their grant-funding program for 3 years. We look forward to working with them more in the future. Disney also awarded Isaac Maina their Conservation Hero Award in 2008 for his work with Amara. Lori was able to visit them at Disney World in Florida a few years back and they are a wonderful group of people who truly care about wildlife.

Mike Griffin

Mike Griffin, one of Michigan’s premier commercial artists for over 40 years, has been extremely generous with his time and expertise. Mike was instrumental in launching the redesigned website in December 2011 and is responsible for the creation of the new logo and artwork for the Amara website. He also holds a seat on the Amara Conservation Board of Directors.

Rita and Peter Heydon

Through their Mosaic Foundation the Heydons have been very generous donors to Amara over the years. In 2011 they gave us a large donation in aid of our revamping of Amara to increase our outreach and effectiveness on the ground in Kenya. Rita has attended every Amara fundraising event and the support the Heydons give to Amara is critical.

Human <> Element

Human Element has helped Amara from its inception. They have assisted us with too many important things to list, from business advising to website design and publishing, all given pro bono. We are ever grateful for all that they do for us to keep Amara going.

IBM Corporation

IBM has been a strong financial supporter of Amara’s work through their matching grants program.

Jerrold Jung

Mr. Jung has joined us with a generous gift that is critical in helping Amara get it’s work done and grow. We are very thankful for his significant donation.

David Landau

David Landau was a critical founding donor to Amara having given a substantial donation in the early years, and continues to support Amara’s efforts.

Land Rover UK

Land Rover Corporation has donated both of our Land Rover Defenders, without which we could not operate. They continue to help support our vehicles, and keep us safe on the roads!

Lisbet Rausing Charitable Trust

The Lisbet Rausing Charitable Trust provided a significant donation in the early days of Amara – we consider them to be a key founding supporter! Please note that this Trust is now known as the Arcadia Trust.

Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone

MCPS have provided us with pro bono legal services and advisory support.

Pfizer Corporation

The Pfizer Corporation has partnered with Amara through their matching grants program.

US Fish & Wildlife African Elephant Conservation Fund

A major grant from US Fish and Wildlife Fund funded the operation of our two vehicles, a portion of the salaries for our teams, and the purchase of a second set of film showing equipment. After visiting us in Kenya, they also added to their grant to purchase tires for the Land Rover and funded Isaac Maina’s online graduate level course in Applied Environmental Education Evaluation.

Richard Van House

Richard was the prime mover in our receiving Land Rover vehicle donations. He has also been a strong personal donor to Amara from the very beginning.

Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Working with Amara on business planning through their MBA program, Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan has been a strong partner for Amara, and they have helped us a great deal with our video and media work.

Schiff Hardin LLP

The law firm of Schiff Hardin is giving Amara generous pro bono legal services helping our offices in the USA and Kenya to expand and thrive on solid footing.

Ted and Ann Annis


Dan Banda


Heidi Bergemann


Dr. Thomas Buhr


Jeff and Joyce Bergemann


Ralph and Marcia Bergemann


Lauren Bigelow


Stephen Boles


Ilaria Borletti


Mary Campbell


Howard Cash


John and Patricia Carver


Greg Curtner


Jan Dillon


The Earle Restaurant


Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund


Esther Floyd


Vincent and Frances Frappier


David Froseth


Ann and Mark Goodman


Greystone Financial Services


Rita and Peter Heydon


IBM Corporation


Paul and Karen Izenberg


Jerrold Jung


Katherine King


Michael Koen


Peggy Lampman


David Landau


Land Rover UK


Maureen Martin and Mike Peskar


The Media E Trust


William and David Merchant


John Minock


The Mosaic Foundation


Mary Anne Nemeth


Mike Oklejas


Jan Onder


Joseph Phillips


The Rausing Trust


Ron Reed


Patricia Rogers


John Rogers


Susan Schreiber


Pat Shure


Candis Stern


Tom Thompson Flowers


Thomas Ward


Willis and Jurasek P.C.


Thank you, sincerely, for all of your continued support.


We could not do this important work without you

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